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I offer standard and customized workshops to help you and your teams improve how they work together, and develop more strategic visions for products and services they develop.

Secrets of Successful Storytelling: learn how to craft stories that stick to smooth out communication with stakeholders and employees. Standard workshop is 1 day. Or customize it to meet specific challenges you have.


Availability and pricing on request:


Mastering Collaboration: help teams work better together by digging into how collaboration works, and strategies to address common (and not so common) challenges your teams face. Standard workshop is 1 or 2 days. Or customize it to meet specific needs you're facing.

Product/Service Strategy Consulting: Is your team stuck piecing together the big picture? Let's create a custom engagement to get them unstuck and help create a "North Star" to guide development over time. This can take the form of facilitation and coaching for your team, or as a dedicated research and strategy engagement with me and my team.

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